Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Film Review: '2012'

Amritbir Kaur

Watched the film ‘2012’ – I found it to be quite an interesting and a brilliant film (Please note: This is totally my personal opinion as I have read reviews that have totally rubbished this film.). And I say this not just because of the breath-taking graphics of the film but also from the point of view of the story and most importantly the way things have been portrayed. What added weight to the story line is, the touch of humanness. 
What first came to my mind was that what if we know we are going to die in some specific time period, how would we react to it? That’s a question I asked myself. In the film we have instances of those who resign to their fate, those who fight for survival and those who live even after their death because they gave their life so that others could live. 

Out of all the memorable ones, one incident stands out prominently. The one where the pilot carrying the protagonist of the film and his family…after saving them, prays just before his plane hangs from a cliff. For a fraction of a second, the plane stands still before falling down. For that fraction it seems that the prayer worked and pilot has a smile on his face…only to be condemned to death the very next moment. 
Then there was the moment when the general public was to be allowed to board the spaceship…and the man (Jackson’s boss), who by hook or crook got entry to the ship (had got the passes and kept it as a secret…the height of selfishnes has been portrayed through his character)..but what happens in the end he could not be on that ship…I was reminded of the saying ‘Man proposes and God disposes’…how true!!! We all make efforts, but we don’t know whether they’ll turn out to be just the way we want them to be. Nevertheless, we have to play our part. And also as they say, when you can’t have what you want it is time to start wanting what you have...Isn’t it? So we have make time, as the President in this film says. 
Moreover, it was very well said that the apocalypse is when we stop fighting for each other…because that is the death of humanity. We should all unite when faced with a challenging situation…then in the fight between life and death, we’ll surely be able to defeat death. 
What I learnt was that death is not to be feared, it is just a moment..we should live life to its fullest, so that we don’t have any regrets. And as Abraham Lincoln has rightly said, “And in the end it is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.” 
So overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film.. I always believe we should not only consider a film in totality. I say this because later on when we recall a film or anything else it is not the whole thing…we remember the particular scenes or some meaningful dialogues that stand apart from the rest of the film. 

18 December, 2009

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