Arundhati Roy Launches “Apaar Khushi Ka Gharana and “Bepanah Shadmani Ki Mumlikat”

arundhati roy manglesh dabral Arjumand Ara urdu hindi

New Delhi: The famous Indian writer Arundhati Roy’s book “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ Hindi translation “Apar Khushi Ka Gharana” and Urdu translation “Bepnah Shadmani Ki Mumlikat” was launched in India International Center on Saturday by Arundhati herself. This novel was translated in Hindi by senior poet Manglesh Dabral and in Urdu by Arjumand Ara. The novel was published by Rajkamal Prakashan in both languages.

After the launch, Editor duo of Alochna Magzine, Sanjeev Kumar and Ashutosh Kumar interacted with writer Arundhati Roy, Hindi translator Mangalesh Dabral and Urdu translator Arjumand Ara.

The programm started with Dastango Darain Shahidi reading an excerpt from the book.

On this occasion, writer Arundhati Roy said, "This book has been translated into 49 languages of the world and with Hindi and Urdu translation, this book is now complete for me.” She further added that "After the success of the novel 'The God of Small Things' and winning the Booker Prize, I could have easily written Part -2 and  3 of the same novel, but for me the novel is a worship and my world, the novel is a mode in which you can create a new atmosphere by which you invite the reader to walk with you. It is far more complex. It's a satisfying thing for me. I write novels, so I think I am using my skills in perfect manner. It gives me more satisfaction and happiness. "

Arundhati said, “It took a lot of time for ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ to finish, but writing it was like solving a puzzle for me."

Responding to questions during the conversation, the author said "It is a fraudulent novel; you may have to read it several times to understand its deception."

arundhati roy manglesh dabral Arjumand Ara urdu hindi

Poet and Hindi Translator Manglesh Dabral shared his experience from the time of translation. He said,  “The tittle in itself had lot of conflicts. Arundhati liked the world 'Gharana' after discussing over many such words like sultanate etc. for Hindi translation of the word ministry.” Speaking about the difficulties during the translation, he said, "In the English novel, Arundhati used many new words which were very difficult to get the Hindi version of it."

Urdu translator, Arjumand Ara remarked about his experiences during the translation “The way this novel is written by Arundhati and the kind of words that were chosen in the novel, it was difficult to translate them into the mainstream language, especially Urdu. I have shown complete loyalty on my side while translating it in Urdu, so that the characters of the novel come in the same way as it’s in the original language. She further said, "It was easy to translate the old Delhi and Kashmir part of the novel."

Rajkamal Prakashan's Managing Director Ashok Maheshwari said “It is a great opportunity that this important book has been published simultaneously in two main languages of India - Hindi and Urdu. It is also a historical moment for Rajkamal's publication that ‘Bepanah Shadmani Ki Mumlikat’ becomes Rajkamal's first published book of Urdu.”

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