Delhi Literature Festival 8 to 10 Feb 2019

New Delhi: Delhi Literature Festival is entering into the Seventh Edition in 2019, to be held at DilliHaat, Opp. INA Market, city’s popular cultural centre, every year in the month of February .
The Delhi Literature Festival (Registered) was started in the year 2013, with the objective of promoting good old habit of book reading and to promote tourism, by holding this Annual Event in the City.
The first edition of the Delhi Literature Festival was Inaugurated by the Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit and witnessed participation of the Delhi Chief Ministers including ArvindKejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Union Ministers in the subsequent editions of the Festival.
The Delhi Literature Festival has witnessed active participation from popular Authors& Writers including Ashok Bajpai, Ashok Chakradhar, AshwinSanghi, Anna Vetticad, Blossom Kochhar, Christopher Doyle, DilipCherian, Ira Trivedi, Rama Pandey, RakhshandaJalil, Ravinder Singh, MunawwarRana, Madhu Trehan, Omair Ahmad, Om Thanvi,…

Arundhati Roy Launches “Apaar Khushi Ka Gharana and “Bepanah Shadmani Ki Mumlikat”

New Delhi: The famous Indian writer Arundhati Roy’s book “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ Hindi translation “Apar Khushi Ka Gharana” and Urdu translation “Bepnah Shadmani Ki Mumlikat” was launched in India International Center on Saturday by Arundhati herself. This novel was translated in Hindi by senior poet Manglesh Dabral and in Urdu by Arjumand Ara. The novel was published by Rajkamal Prakashan in both languages.

After the launch, Editor duo of Alochna Magzine, Sanjeev Kumar and Ashutosh Kumar interacted with writer Arundhati Roy, Hindi translator Mangalesh Dabral and Urdu translator Arjumand Ara.
The programm started with Dastango Darain Shahidi reading an excerpt from the book.

On this occasion, writer Arundhati Roy said, "This book has been translated into 49 languages of the world and with Hindi and Urdu translation, this book is now complete for me.” She further added that "After the success of the novel 'The God of Small Things' and winning the Booker Pri…

Uncle Beer Gone...!

-Deep Jagdeep Singh-
He was the most handsome gentleman of our locality. A simple but well dressed man. Many young turban wearing lads would envy of his wrinkle free well pressed turban layers. Many a times he would be standing at an ironing shop, right in front of our house, in his sparkling white payjama, half sleeved vest and top notch turban with his well tied beard, reading Punjabi newspaper, gossiping and laughing his open freestyle laugh, while the man with a heavy iron pressing his dress of the day. Every morning while going to school, we would see him in a tailored fitting formal trouser with tucked shirt and a matching turban, riding on his cream Bajaj Chetak scooter, which remains the oldest yet scratch free two wheeler of our locality till today. By profession he was a pharmacist. After working with many big pharmaceutical brands, he started his own pharmacy shop, where he was training his son and nephew to be a professional pharmacist.

Because of his pleasing personality …

#MeToo In India and NOT Separating the Art from the Artist

-Deep Jagdeep Singh-
In the light of #MeToo campaign blogger and author Mahevash Shaikh, well known for 'Bursting Cliches', put forward an Idea of "Separating The Art From The Artist".
This age old debate surfaces in many forms at various junctures of time. In Punjabi literature celebrated poet of love and longing, Shiv Kumar Batalvi, was ridiculed for his alcoholism and Casanova image. But the numbers of lovers for his immortal art of poetry kept swelling with each new generation and still unstoppable.

It is the right point of time to discuss whether we should separate the art from the Artist for the lack of morality or can we name and shame the artist while devouring his art?

Actually, we are so much pre-occupied with the idealism about the artists. We are taught that artists are idols of society and there must be no gap between what they say and what they do. But what we miss that they are humans. And every human being is born with these basic five follies Kaama (…

Dark Borders: Women through the Eyes of Manto!

Deep Jagdeep Singh
Manto means bold, blatant and brutal truth. Neelam Maan Singh is known for her sharpest characters and subtle presentation of human psychology. When Manto and Maan come together, it becomes a lethal combination of the dark realities of life. ‘Dark Borders’ was the final presentation of a three day theatre festival held at Punjabi University’s Kala Bhawan organised by Punjab Lalit Kala Academy in association with Theater and Television Department of Punjabi University, Patiala. I must say that it was the best culmination of the festival.

A scene from the Hindi Play Dark Borders Directed by Neelam Maan Singh based on the stories of Sadat Hasan Manto
Starting with reference of partition, Dark Borders juxtaposes the various stories with the life story of legendary Urdu short story writer Sadat Hasan Manto. In various stories women characters come in different shades of black, white and grey. Even when women are absent from the stage they are personified as hunger and lu…

Conversation with Girls...

-Deep Jagdeep Singh-
Who is not interested in girls? Mesmerizing eyes, pouty lips, heart melting smiles, few have overly cared others have free hairs, enigmatic curves; everything seems like the magic of nature or I must say ‘conspiracy of nature.’ Sometime we stumble upon such a beauty that when we go beyond her outer beauty we find a beautiful soul inside. That makes us feel like dedicating our whole life to her. Actually, nature had purposely created two different kinds of human beings, so that both can get attracted towards each other and keep her cycle rolling without fail. 

See how enigmatic is the game of nature; a girl went across the border, met someone and decided to remain there forever. You can make as many stories as you want, but you can’t deny the interference of nature. Similaraly, I am just a small speck in this huge design of nature. Even if I am a rotten piece of Iron, but how can I deny the pull of the magnet. And the social media is flooded with the magnetic charm…

Bicycling: Explore The Life Holistically

Twenty cyclist teams participated in Shivalik Signature event –ULTRA cycling race of 615kms (a qualifying race for RAAM –Race Across America) in last week in Chandigarh. It’s one of the toughest Cycling endurance events. Started from Chandigarh to Hoshiarpur-Pathankot –Amritsar  -Jallandhar  via Ludhiana to Sirhind and Back to Chandigarh . Few Riders were from Patiala like Bhavjit Singh Sidhu, Puneet Kumar from Royal Patiala Riders and  Jeewanjot Singh from Tour de Patiala Club, two riders from Green Bikers Club were competing  to qualify  this nonstop Race. In Patiala, from last two years, these endurance races like Suroor–e–Malwa, Malwa challenge 1 and 2 are being organised at regular intervals. Many riders from Punjab are participating in these Brevet events. Clubs and groups like Tour de Patiala (TDP) riders, Green bikers, Royal Patiala Ryders (RPR), Bathinda Cycling Club, Nabha Riders, Sangrur Riders and Clubs from Ludhiana and many more are regularly participating in these race…

A decision that saved a life

When I was studying in the 3rd semester of MBA in Punjabi University, Patiala around October 2010, one evening, I rode my bike back home after a daily workout from Thapar University to Dukhniwaran Sahib Gurudwara Road, I saw a small puppy running very fast, on my left. It seemed that he had lost or had been abandoned by his family, siblings and his mother. He might be running madly and fast to reunite with them. Being an animal lover, I got a bit worried about this beautiful creature and slowed down my bike. I called the puppy, but he stopped only for a while and then again started running, now he went in the middle of the road towards the divider to go to the other side of the road. It was quite a busy road as four wheelers, minibuses and trucks were passing. I pulled over my bike, thinking that I should help the puppy to cross the road else he might be crushed under any vehicle. 

He was too small to climb over the divider, but when I reached there the puppy managed to climb up t…

Trekking and survival Camping at Prashar Lake

I received the Whatsapp message on 13 Feburary 2018 about  ‘A trek and survival camp trip’ Offer from 16th to 19th Feburary  from a travel company. I came to know that trekkers would be staying in tents  on layers of snow at -7 degree temperature, I shared this idea with my friend and we got excited and he said “Chal yaar chalte hain (Let’s Go Dude)”. Finally, we decided and arranged all necessities, especially the trekking shoes and Bags.  On 16th we completed  our tasks and we were eagerly waiting for evening. And the time arrived around 5.30 in the evening we board the tour company’s bus from Patiala Bus stand.

Bus Journey  The bus was full of college Students with cheering, laughing, shouting, singing and later they started dancing suddenly. I thought why they started dancing on our arrival in the Bus. But then I realized that the trip started from that point. Girls, as usual, were gleaming with layers of makeup, seemingly they were going to their close cousin’s wedding, but anyho…

Film Review | Padman | Akshay Kumar | Sonam Kapoor | Radhika Apte

-Deep Jagdeep Singh- Rating 3/5
Film Review | Padman Starring: Akshay Kumar | Sonam Kapoor | Radhika Apte Concept: Twinkle Khanna Writers: R Balki | Swanand Kirkire Director: R Balki 
An in-depth analysis of the Padman's story and its  different layers. This is a film that can be an appropriate example of script writing for aspiring screen writers. 

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