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Film Review | Prem Rattan Dhan Khoyo!

Review by Deep Jagdeep Singh

Super Star Salman Khan, Super Director Sooraj Barjatya, Hollywood tycoon Foxstar, ‘Fashion Diva’ Sonam Kapoor, still struggling Neil Nitin Mukesh, ‘Jaani Dushman’ Arman Kohli, 10 forced songs, historic palaces of Rajasthan, wharfs and Mandaps of Ayodheya, few impish one liners, few melodramatic dialogues, eternal colors, bird’s eye view scenes, seasoning of Up-Bihar dialects, one more Salman Khan (you know its double role baby!), no family, just fabricated emotions and drama, though this line is too long, but if I need to tell you in one line that what is Prem Rattan Dhan Khoyo! Oops, I mean Payo, that is enough.
Salman Khan | Sonam Kapoor | Prem Rattan Dhan Payo
Salman Khan | Sonam Kapoor | Prem Rattan Dhan Payo

Prem Dilwala (Salman Khan) runs a drama company in Ayodheya and earns money by Ramleela shows. He donates all the money he earns from his Ramleela, to an NGO called Uphar run by Rajkumar Maithili (Sonam Kapoor), because once upon a time during floods the princess came by her Urrankhatola to help poor villagers, swept away his heart and left him helpless. Just to have a glimpse of her, restless Dilwala used to go to NGO’s office in his town and one fine day learns that the princess is going to Pritampur to attend lavish coronation ceremony of his fiancé Vijay Singh (Salman Khan with mustaches) the prince, if he wanted to have a glimpse of her, he can straightway go to Pritampur to hand over the donation box. Prem Dilwala along with his chuddy buddy Kanahiya (Deepak Dobriyal) immediately boards the bus to Pritampur. While Prem is still in the bus, the prince Vijay Singh is busy with the preparations of coronation ceremony and his caretaker Diwanji (Anupam Kher) is guiding him through the rituals of the royal family. On Diwanji’s suggestion the prince goes to invite his step sisters Chandrika (Swara Bhaskar) and Radhika (Aashika Bhatia), but the elder daughter of his father’s courtesan who is also a childhood friend of the princess, refuses to accept any invitation until she is given the equal share in the princely property and recognition as a royal family member from which she has been deprived of due to discrimination. Hurt prince runs away from the scene furiously and met a deadly accident. Not a normal accident, but a conspiracy planned by his own younger brother Ajay Singh (Neil Nitin Mukesh), personal secretary (Smaira Rao) and estate CEO Chiraag (Armaan Kohli) to eliminate him. But you know the prince never dies in our films so wounded Vijay Singh is saved by Diwanji and kept in a secret underground place where he is being treated by the best doctors.

While Diwanji is still worried about the coronation ceremony, trustworthy security officer (Deepraj Rana) bumps into Prem Dilwala in a local market. He takes him to the secret place with the plan to present him as a prince in the ceremony to avoid any hitch and show off his enemies that the prince is still alive. Super star of Ramleela, Prem Dilwala gets into the shoes of prince Vijay Singh in just a snap of fingers and goes straight away to welcome princess arriving at a railway station. Romantic princess while spending a good time with previously unromantic prince gets romantically shocked when she saw him changing according to her whims. Fully engrossed in his new romantic avatar she offers her body to write a tale of romance on it, but a bell ring in our honest Prem Dilwala’s heart and he escapes from the scene. At the moment he declares his exit from the palace to Deewanji, the news comes that the healed real prince has been kidnapped by evil trio. Chiraag asks him to hand over Prem Dilwala in return of the prince. With a much evil plan in his mind, he ferries Prem to Sheesh Mahal where Vijay has been kept as hostage. And then comes action and drama and in the end a lot of melodrama. The villain is dead. Coronation has done. Brotherly and sisterly love have been united again and Prem bids a goodbye to all. That’s called happy ending dude! Wait! Wait! Wait! Oops Sooraj Barjayta Ji, why you are playing tip-tap test match in the era of T-20, so where were we fellas! Yes Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost! Because Prem still has not Payo his ‘Prem Rattan Dhan.’ How he will get his prem rattan dhan, for this you have to watch this lengthy film till its last frame. The only thing I can say about the story is that in the rush of everything there is no story at all.

Now get back to review, The story is weaved around the feel good factor, Salman Khan, is enjoying these days in media. Barjayta, paints the celluloid with vibrant colors, picturesque palaces, bewildering mirrors, captivating mountains and royal lavish sets, but his traditional family emotion is missing at all. Either as Prem or as the prince Vijay Singh, Salamanism is the only factor which dominates the whole film. Even at the climax to show Salman in every frame his both avatars are made to indulge in fight at two different places. One clever action sequence by Prem which is supposed to tinkle and another macho fight sequences which is supposed to excite the audience, but both succeed a little. Salman acts in the oblivious ways he does in all his films. Sonam looks like the ways she looks in her every other film, I mean she even does not look like a fashion diva, being the princess is too far. Her make-up hiccups glared at few places. Though, she had definitely earned few claps for her crispy latka-jhatkas and sassy prem-leela. Anupan Kher has repeated himself as usual. Sawara Bhaskar and Aashika Bhatia had nothing to do and moreover both were not even projected as princesses’, then how could we expect them to be look like princesses’? Deepak Dobriyal as Kanahiya gives few good moments to smile. Aarman Kohli has acted well only in Bigg Boss till now and he keeps his record intact even after this film. Deepraj Rana fitted in his role appropriately.

Himesh Reshmiya disappoints again as his music has no charm and loads the film with extra burden. All the songs are untimely pushed. Though Irshad Kamil needs a special mention for penning Diye Jalte Hain, lyrics profoundly elevates the emotions of romance and touches heart. It gives a bad after taste when in a scene Salman calls a camel by naming it Kamil. Brother, if you have some behind the scene grudge please handle it there, don’t bring it on screen!

It seems that Barjatya has made this film unwillingly but this unwillingness has disappointed his permanent fans. There is no consistency in dress department as in one scene actors appear in royal ethnic attires and in the very next scene they dive into cool urban look. It seems that Barjayta was struggling to maintain the authenticity of royalty as well as keeping his characters contemporary and cool for young audience. Mr. Barjatya, please tell me one more thing that while our princess was having her own charter helicopter why you forced her to board a passenger train to Pritampur? Was a helipad not available? One more query sir, in which era royal grandmothers bring whole luggage packed with marriage proposal of their granddaughter? Finally I can say I have lost my (Barjatya) Prem, Rattan (valuable time) and Dhan (hard-earned money spent on ticket) to watch this film. So I have only Prem Rattan Dhan Khoyo!

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